Air Brush Tanning

Our Airbursh Tanning allows for a more personalized and precise application of the solution over a booth. Because the tanning solution is applied by your own personal technician, there will be no missed spots or uneven areas that can occur otherwise, as the solution application is monitored and controlled per each individual. The application is fast, effective & easy. The actual tanning process continues as the solution adapts to the skins amino acids for 8-12 hours following application.

It is important to prepare the skin for application in order to get optimal results.

Before Tanning

Waxing , pedicures and facials should be done before so the tan is not affected.
Bathe, shower and exfoliate with a wash clothe and exfoliated scrub. This will sluff off the dead skin cells so the tan will last longer.
No lotions, perfumes, makeup and minimal deodorant. These act as barriers and affect the depth of the tan.
Bring loose fitting dark clothes to wear afterward.

After Tanning

Avoid exercising/perspiring activities as this may cause it to stread until the first shower. Bring a towel for leather seats on a warm day.
Shower in 8-12 hours using an alcohol free shower gel. You will see color wash off this is normal.
Moisturize twice a day with alcohol free lotion. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer. Alcohol based products are drying to the skin making the tan fade quicker.
Use sharp razors, avoid exfoliating skin and hair removal and bleach products on your skin.
Avoid long hot showers/baths and pat dry with a towel.
Avoid hot tubs, pools, oceans if so use a waterproof sunscreen to seal it in.
Apply sunscreen when in the sun because your skin is not protected.
It is important to call the next day if there is an issue with your spray tan.

Sprays are by technician availability and appointment.
Add an additional 3-5 days to the life of the tan with a tanning extender, we have products available.